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VS1000 - Ogg Vorbis Player System Circuit

Block diagram


The VS1000 is a system-on-a-chip. Instead of being yet another "MP3 decoder circuit" the VS1000 plays back Ogg Vorbis, which is both a technically superior format and free of royalty payments. Because of this the VS1000 IC is a cost-effective and high-quality solution for applications where the actual audio format doesn't make a difference, but quality does - like toys and different audio guides. The chip also has NAND FLASH and Full Speed USB interfaces, plus I/O pins that can be used to control e.g. an LCD or OLED matrix display. It can also regulate its internal voltages from a single input voltage, so connecting it to a system is easy.

Hardware Features

·                  Complete player, just memory and crystal needed externally.

·                  Low-power operation

·                  Single input voltage: Internal voltage regulation for analog, digital, and I/O power

·                  Operates from single 12 MHz clock

·                  Internal PLL clock multiplier

·                  Power button pin,

·                  Software-controlled power-off

·                  USB Full Speed hardware (12Mbit/sec)

·                  NAND FLASH interface with ECC

·                  I/O for user interface

·                  High-quality on-chip stereo DAC with no phase error between channels

·                  Stereo earphone driver capable of driving a 30­ ohm load

Firmware Features

·                  Uses Ogg Vorbis decoder. Its has high quality vs. bit-rate and is free of royalty payments

·                  Implements USB Mass Storage Device and Audio Device

·                  NAND FLASH handling with error correction, block remapping, and wear leveling

·                  Default player application in firmware

·                           Decodes Ogg Vorbis, sound level normalization using Replay Gain

·                           Pause / Play

·                           Volume control

·                           Next / Previous Song

·                           Rewind and Fast Forward

·                           Random Play

·                           EarSpeaker Spatial Processing

·                  Bass and treble controls for customized player

·                  NAND FLASH boot for customized player

·                  SPI FLASH boot for special applications

·                  UART for debugging and special applications


LQFP48 7x7x1.4mm

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