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VS1000 Button Cell Player Application

VS1000 Button Cell Player


·                  Ogg Vorbis format for best quality and low bitrates

·                  4MByte SPI FLASH for boot code and audio content

·                  Single CR2032 battery

·                  Continuous playing time 4 hours

·                  Total playing time over 6 hours

·                  Low-power pause with automatic power off


VS1000 Button Cell player application is an example of a very low power audio player. It features Ogg Vorbis decoding with very low bit rates, credit card size and total BOM less than 3 USD in mass production.

VS1000 Button Cell player is an ideal choice for audio guides that are bundled with an entrance ticket. It provides 4 hours of continuous play time by using a single CR2032 button cell and standard 30-Ohm headphones. The content duration can be up to one hour by using 4 MByte SPI Flash.

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